Earn Money From Pinterest Step By Step Guide in 2023

One of the most widely used social media sites is Pinterest, which has over 400 million active monthly users. But did you realize that Pinterest can be used to generate income?

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Although Pinterest doesn’t pay you directly, there are several inventive tactics you may use to monetise your Pinterest account. Pinterest has the potential to generate a sizable income if used properly.

I’ll walk you through the best 18 methods to make money on Pinterest in this in-depth tutorial, from generating affiliate sales to marketing your own goods. I’ll describe each way to make money in detail:

Cons and benefits

I’ll also cover my top advice for expanding your Pinterest account and maximizing your earning potential with statistics.

So let’s get started if you’re ready to make your love of pinning into a successful side company or full-time venture.

1. Generate income by promoting affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is one of the most well-liked methods for social media influencers to monetize their platforms. Additionally, Pinterest has enormous potential for increasing affiliate revenues.

Every time a somebody makes a purchase using one of your affiliate links, you get paid as a Pinterest affiliate marketer. What’s best? It doesn’t come at an additional cost to your supporters.

You have a few choices when promoting affiliate products on Pinterest:

Direct affiliate links to pin

Your affiliate link can be added right to your Pinterest posts. You receive your commission when followers click through and make a qualified purchase.


It is quite easy to set up.

You can earn commissions without a website.


Lower conversion rates in comparison to pins with lots of content

Some affiliate schemes forbid direct links.

Advice for increasing commissions:

Promote only partners who are appropriate for your niche and your audience.

Use the hashtags #affiliate or #ad to reveal affiliate relationships in your pin descriptions.

Create appealing visuals that are optimized for your target keywords.

amplify affiliate content

You can make pins connecting to affiliate product reviews, roundups, and tutorials on your blog or website rather than publishing your raw affiliate links.

The detailed material educates readers and fosters trust, which may increase conversions.


Increase authority and conversion rates.
Provide followers with useful content outside just selling Cons:

requires building a website or producing material
requiring a little more effort than direct linking

Success strategies:

Write in-depth, truthful evaluations that highlight affiliate products.
Improve affiliate content’s SEO to achieve high placement in Pinterest searches.
Regularly update evergreen affiliate material to advertise new offers
A few instances of pinners generating affiliate sales through content are shown here:

Katie of @centercutcook shares recipes using her preferred cookware and kitchen appliances. Her pins direct readers to blog posts on affiliate products.
Lily of @PrettyLivingBlog compiles lists of her preferred affiliate clothing and cosmetics. Specific purchase tips on her site are promoted by her pins.
Tutorials on trading platforms are shared by Andrew of @stocktradinghelp.

2. Profit from Marketing Your Own Products

Through your own e-commerce website or online store, you can directly promote to clients on Pinterest if you sell your own goods or services.

When compared to standard affiliate commissions, selling your own products gives you better profit margins. Additionally, the hugely active shopping audience on Pinterest offers tremendous sales potential.

Following are some pointers for successfully marketing your products on Pinterest:

Create a product link to your online store
Upload eye-catching product images and include links to your e-commerce site’s sales pages. This makes it simple for interested fans to buy your creations right away.

Shoppable Pins, add

Select retailers can link Shopify product catalogs directly into their Pinterest profiles thanks to Pinterest Shop.

Share Client Pictures
On social media, user-generated material is incredibly compelling. Repin images of your clients wearing or using your goods. You may use their endorsements if you get their consent.

Encourage sales and offers
Visually bold pins are a great way to alert followers to any sales, discounts, or other promotions you may be doing on your products. Urgency can be created by timely discounts and temporary promotions.

Pre-Selling Future Products
Provide sneak peeks of upcoming new products. Use teasing images and videos. Encourage fans to buy pre-orders or sign up for early access.

You may completely regulate price and earnings by selling your works of art, crafts, apparel, jewelry, photographs, digital downloads, and services.

3. Market Printouts on Pinterest
Creating digital art, planners, stationery, wall art, instructional worksheets, party invites.

To successfully market printables on Pinterest, remember these suggestions:Make captivating pin images

A Display of Your Designs

To generate premium Pins, upload clear mockup photos of your printable products. To attract clicks, make them aesthetically appealing and engaging.

Create Niche Boards for Your Printables

Create specialized boards for your printables, such as “Party Printables,” “Bullet Journal Printables,” “Budget Printables,” etc. Followers may browse and find your designs with ease.

Share Samples for Free

Provide free samples of a few designs. This promotes the brand’s quality and draws customers who might subsequently buy more expensive styles.

Link to Your Online Store or Etsy Store

Link to the direct sales pages for your printables on websites like Etsy, Creative Market, or your e-commerce site to make your pins clickable.

Run advertisements

To increase sales, provide exclusive discounts on your printable collection. Followers may be encouraged to make a purchase now rather than later via limited-time offers.

You can also sell your designs without dealing with the printing or shipping yourself by using print-on-demand drop shipping services like Printify.

4. Become an affiliate marketer for Pinterest.
You can join Pinterest’s internal Pinterest Partners Program to make money marketing their brand partners in addition to regular affiliate programs.

When they recommend certain partner brands’ products to their audience, Pinterest Partners receive a cut of the sales. Even without a website, you can join the program.

This is how it goes:

Search for Pinterest Partners in your industry and submit an application to promote the companies you adore.

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Can we earn money from Pinterest in Pakistan?
Pakistan is not currently a market for monetization options like Pinterest TV’s paid partnership feature or Idea Pins’ product labeling. You can, however, closely monitor our Newsroom for any developments.
Can I earn money from Pinterest app?
Pakistan is not currently a market for monetization options like Pinterest TV’s paid partnership feature or Idea Pins’ product labeling. You can, however, closely monitor our Newsroom for any developments.

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